Set the Fire

from by Change Is



We had a family
So I don’t understand why everybody left
You brought this on yourselves
And you all wonder why you’re so unhappy
Don’t make me choose
I know some call it growing apart
I call it never caring at all
After so much time spent you just walked away
That’s time wasted that I’ll never get back
I guess it’s fine go walk away
I don’t need people that can just drop someone
I don’t need people that could just drop me and not think twice
Some of you have changed for the worst
And some of you I don’t recognize
Take a look at what is left
The ashes of something you once loved
I tried to save it guess this is what you wanted
I’ll stand by and watch it burn if you wish
Cause I know it never meant anything
If you are willing to set the fire
You were willing to set the fire
And I’ll watch it light with flame
Standing on the other fucking side of that bridge you just burned


from Insomnia, released June 9, 2015



all rights reserved


Change Is Saginaw, Michigan

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