Loss (ft. Devin MacGillivray of Yüth Forever)

from by Change Is



I don’t cope with loss very well and when I lost everything out came my hell
I shouldn’t have to look at this world as if I don’t belong
I try to find purpose but I know I’m not wrong
I’m so tired of watering down my feelings
I’m sorry I had to do this
I had to let you go I had to let you go
You threw me out to sea and let me sink
Became a stranger not by choice I had to
The best I have is to look at this as learning and try to hold my passion
I’ll try to hold it
So what do I do now I’m not ready to live like this
The loss of the one that gave me my will
The one that saved me from my fucking self
It’s sickening and I’ve been sick for too long
You turned me into the man I am today
And no matter how mad I am at you
I will always thank you for that
There’s a piece of you that I can’t get out
I promise I won’t forget you
I couldn’t even if I tried
Please just appreciate this
If you didn’t for anything else
I promised I’d stay but I just can’t anymore
Absence is the only thing I have left
I knew this would happen I tried my best


from Insomnia, released June 9, 2015



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