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Fell asleep with the lights on
Only to find them turned off when I woke
If I would have known that it would be my last night of rest
I would have made it last
The only thing I regret is not making the most of those days
When I felt rested and ready for this world
Now I get up every morning faced by the stranger that I see in the mirror Go on give me a reason to carry on
It’s in my head
The pain and the dread
Optimism has found its way out
Pessimism has found its way in
I feel my body start to break and bend
Blurry mind and faded smile
How do I fix what can’t be mend
The best I can do is stare at my ceiling
Hoping the night takes me away to my dreams
All wrong and out of luck
I know that ceiling all too well
I’m not a normal being
Continuous days have me in a death grip
It’s coming to an end
I don’t have the strength to pick myself up how do I defend


from Insomnia, released June 9, 2015



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Change Is Saginaw, Michigan

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