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Track Name: Eternal Sleep
The cards dealt in my head after this
They have no value to anyone
Cashing in this bad luck for peace
I would trade it all away for one night of sleep
My mind is blank besides one voice
Give up give in leave
My shell is breaking
What didn’t kill me didn’t make me stronger
It only made me wish it had finished the job
So I could be no longer
Scared of what will come
Scared of what I’m capable of
This is looking like my resting place
My eternal sleep
I’m fine with it just make it fucking quick
Finish what you started
I’ll finish what you started
Track Name: False Psyche
They are back
After so long they decide to show their ugly faces
It’s worse than before
They don’t look the same
It’s a new cruel game
Hey kid
We are here for your life
I want to run away and change my name
Maybe then I’ll find some peace
Maybe then I’ll get some sleep
Locked in this haze
These prison bars won’t go away
I’ve fought my demons once and I’ve sent them back to hell
Only this time they’re back with something to tell
You won’t make it this time
You won’t make it through
You won’t live to see another day
Ever since they left my skin hasn’t felt the same
I should have known they were still there
Crawling to get back in power
I’ll give you a run for your money
Track Name: Cold Shoulder
Truth is
He never really leaves you
Subtle signs slip ups that let you know he is still on your trail
Hunting you down
Making you work for the things that should be natural
He fucking knows he is wearing you down
He can see it from the lifeless eyes
Making you wish he would just end it
Dragging every piece of you away
So that you are left with something you don’t recognize
Everything you stood for is out the window
All of your morals have slowly faded away and you are reeling just to get everything back
It takes a strong will to obtain what he stole from you
It's not over yet
Track Name: 5 Months
This loneliness is haunting me
Crushed under rock with no way out
I question my purpose in this one sided war by myself
I just don’t care how it ends anymore
Just give me fucking peace
I can’t mentally stand another day of disappointment from you
I can’t believe you did this to me
In this one sided war by myself
To know what you did and let me think the worst
You didn’t deserve a thing
Trying to convince myself that I was fine when I was on the floor
Trying to convince myself that we were fine when I was banging on your door
I wasn’t happy at all but I kept my word
I didn’t give up but yet you ran away
Faced by my scars
Just listening to the passing cars
As I begin to realize that I don’t belong in this world
I can’t live with the plans we never did
And now I can’t even look at the happy times
I’m not the blame so don’t even try
Why do I want to die
No it shouldn’t be like this
I would sign anything just to separate myself from the pain
I did everything for you
So tell me what the fuck did you do
Track Name: Loss (ft. Devin MacGillivray of Yüth Forever)
I don’t cope with loss very well and when I lost everything out came my hell
I shouldn’t have to look at this world as if I don’t belong
I try to find purpose but I know I’m not wrong
I’m so tired of watering down my feelings
I’m sorry I had to do this
I had to let you go I had to let you go
You threw me out to sea and let me sink
Became a stranger not by choice I had to
The best I have is to look at this as learning and try to hold my passion
I’ll try to hold it
So what do I do now I’m not ready to live like this
The loss of the one that gave me my will
The one that saved me from my fucking self
It’s sickening and I’ve been sick for too long
You turned me into the man I am today
And no matter how mad I am at you
I will always thank you for that
There’s a piece of you that I can’t get out
I promise I won’t forget you
I couldn’t even if I tried
Please just appreciate this
If you didn’t for anything else
I promised I’d stay but I just can’t anymore
Absence is the only thing I have left
I knew this would happen I tried my best
Track Name: Insomnia
Fell asleep with the lights on
Only to find them turned off when I woke
If I would have known that it would be my last night of rest
I would have made it last
The only thing I regret is not making the most of those days
When I felt rested and ready for this world
Now I get up every morning faced by the stranger that I see in the mirror Go on give me a reason to carry on
It’s in my head
The pain and the dread
Optimism has found its way out
Pessimism has found its way in
I feel my body start to break and bend
Blurry mind and faded smile
How do I fix what can’t be mend
The best I can do is stare at my ceiling
Hoping the night takes me away to my dreams
All wrong and out of luck
I know that ceiling all too well
I’m not a normal being
Continuous days have me in a death grip
It’s coming to an end
I don’t have the strength to pick myself up how do I defend
Track Name: Ready to Turn In
I was unbreakable
Now I’m vulnerable
Fought back against this world
How could I have been so gullible
I saw things for what they were
A brand new perspective to see through tired eyes
I wasn’t lying to myself anymore
Isn’t it funny how you see the truth in a blur
These images around me aren’t the ones I grew up with
All this time my head was filled with a myth
What happened to that world I saw as a kid
It changed overnight I wish it could have been
Seeing so false while living in it
Why did it take me to my low to realize this
Admitting defeat and folding in my cards
I’m ready to turn in
Track Name: Set the Fire
We had a family
So I don’t understand why everybody left
You brought this on yourselves
And you all wonder why you’re so unhappy
Don’t make me choose
I know some call it growing apart
I call it never caring at all
After so much time spent you just walked away
That’s time wasted that I’ll never get back
I guess it’s fine go walk away
I don’t need people that can just drop someone
I don’t need people that could just drop me and not think twice
Some of you have changed for the worst
And some of you I don’t recognize
Take a look at what is left
The ashes of something you once loved
I tried to save it guess this is what you wanted
I’ll stand by and watch it burn if you wish
Cause I know it never meant anything
If you are willing to set the fire
You were willing to set the fire
And I’ll watch it light with flame
Standing on the other fucking side of that bridge you just burned
Track Name: 'Til June
I’m sorry for the things that I’ve done
I’m sorry for the things that I’ve begun
You have one more chance to do right
And I’ll take that chance even though I’m not alright
I’m trying to be a better man
And this is no way to go out
I know I’m only passing through
But please you have to make it ‘til June
I can’t keep wanting an escape
I have to keep my word and stay for them
You’re not done here yet
If you still feel the same when you’re done you can leave
You have to stay for them
For the ones that need you
For the ones that would miss you